Pinhole Photography

Entrance to Whitehaven Harbour – Shot with a Zero Image 612 pinhole camera

I’ve recently been experimenting with Zero Image 612 and Zero 2000 pinhole cameras and I’ve been knocked out by the results from both of them. They are great to work with and the instructions provided got me well on the way to creating images from the first roll of film.

I now use a light meter which makes life much easier. To start with I was using my DSLR to meter but I can now leave this at home and just take out the minimum of gear. Trips out to Whitehaven Harbour and Maryport have been successful and I feel very pleased with the results. The harbours, fishing boats and lighthouses are great subjects; I could spend days at these ports with a camera.

The one thing that really does take some getting used to is the wide angle of the cameras. The viewfinder provided helps but when the film is developed there is generally more in the shot than intended. It really is a case of getting up close and personal to the subject. More often than not though the unintentional framing is a welcome addition to the whole process and adds an element of serendipity to the final image. It’s a marvellous feeling to be surprised by what is created.

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