Portraits of a Lancaster Aircrew

Aircrew of Avro Lancaster LM 530 – aka ‘Love 2’

These photos are of ‘Ricky’ Claude Alfred Summers’ fellow aircrew who flew in Avro Lancaster LM 530, aka ‘Love 2’ during 1944. Ricky was my grandfather. I’ve always been fascinated by these portraits and personal messages which form part of his Flying Log Book. They pose many questions: What were these men like? How did they cope with the pressure of flying missions during the Second World War? What was it like to fly in a Lancaster? . . . and more.

These guys became very good friends and George Pearce (bottom right) remained in touch with my grandmother and grandfather after the war. They flew from RAF Wickenby which is now a civilian airfield. Each September a memorial service is held at the airfield and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster conducts a flypast. A truly remarkable sight as it thunders across the countryside at low altitude.

© Simon Howlett 2012. All rights reserved

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