Yorkshire Tea caddy that will have a new lease of life as a pinhole camera

Having read about Solargraphy and seen great examples of Solargraphs on Flickr I’ve decided to have a go at creating some myself.

Solargraphy is a method of capturing on b&w photographic paper the path of the sun using a pinhole camera and long exposure. After exposing the b&w photographic paper for up to six months the daily track of the sun is recorded. This is then scanned into a computer and processed. Surprisingly the result is a colour solargraph/photograph.

I’m going to make my own pinhole camera from a Yorkshire Tea caddy. The interior is sprayed with matt black paint and a 6mm hole is drilled in the centre of the caddy. A pinhole is then made using a needle in a square section of aluminium cut from a drinks can. This is taped over the 6mm hole in the caddy. The photographic paper is loaded using a changing bag and the lid of the caddy taped up to prevent light leaks.

I plan to place the pinhole camera indoors facing towards the track of the sun from an upstairs window. A row of houses can be seen from this viewpoint which I hope will show in the resulting image along with the sun as it passes overhead. If it all works I will post the result in a few months time!

© Simon Howlett 2012. All rights reserved

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