Cawfields Quarry – Hadrian’s Wall

Cawfields Quarry – Hadrian’s Wall

There is good access to this spot which is not far from a car park so it made a pleasant change not having to lug my camera gear across miles of countryside. This photo was taken after I’d visited Sycamore Gap which is close by. The lone tree that stands there has been photographed many times and yes, I’ve now added to that tally. It’s a remarkable spot which became very popular after appearing in the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves starring Kevin Costner.

Cawfields quarry is now disused and cuts into the line of Hadrian’s Wall. The exposed face of the rock and the pool of water make for a dramatic location. On this particular day the cloud was racing across the sky; the movement translating well into this long exposure shot. The smudge of reflection of the rock face in the water was a nice surprise when I came to process the image.

© Simon Howlett 2012. All rights reserved

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