Pinhole Sea Stacks

Pinhole image of Elegug Stacks in Pembrokeshire – Wales

A photographer is stood on the cliff top on the left talking with someone. Luckily I was set up and managed to get a shot with them in the frame. Adds a sense of scale to the image.

The photographer is a local guy who has had some of his images published in tourist brochures and on the sides of local buses. He said that one image is of a surfer, who will get a shock to see their image come surfing past on the side of a bus!

It’s tempting to get close to the edge of these cliffs but a little precarious. Colonies of seabirds were ‘chattering’ away to each other on both of these stacks. They can be clearly seen from where the photographer is stood.

The photo was taken with a Zero Image 612 pinhole camera. I’m looking into buying a Vermeer panoramic pinhole camera in the near future and have plans to make my own. Still very much in the planning stage at present!

© Simon Howlett 2012. All rights reserved

4 thoughts on “Pinhole Sea Stacks

  1. Beautiful pinhole work. I can see I may have to add that location to my next trip across the pond. I would love to make my own pinhole camera but right now I just stick to my 6×6 and 6×9 Zero Image cameras.

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