Platinum Prints

My home made ultra-violet exposure unit set up ready for printing. Arches Platine paper is torn to size using the digital negatives as templates. The paper is then coated with a platinum/palladium solution. Once dry the negative and paper are sandwiched between two plates of glass and exposed under the ultra-violet fluorescent tubes for a few minutes. The resulting print is then developed, cleared and washed to complete the process.

Hanging to dry overnight. Ducks enjoy platinum printing too!

© Simon Howlett 2012. All rights reserved

4 thoughts on “Platinum Prints

  1. Wonderful prints & an amazing set-up. That’s really impressive & I love the bathroom. I used to slap my wet prints against the wet shower wall & thought it was the most interesting gallery around.

    • Thanks for taking a look and your kind words, Mark.

      I have considered going down that road but find the 3/8 inch glass I use works very well for prints up to 8 x 8 inch. However, I think 2 sheets of glass would not be sufficient for prints larger than this.

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