Zero Image Pinhole

I’m pleased with the detail in the clouds in this shot which was taken in Whitehaven, Cumbria some months ago. Will revisit on a wet day to see how much the lighthouse will reflect in the stone pier. Next time I would like to get some separation between the two piers to reveal the harbour entrance. Shot with a Zero 2000 pinhole camera.

Howk Bobbin Mill at Caldbeck, Cumbria was mainly employed in the manufacture of spinning and threading bobbins for the cotton industry from 1857-1924. A place I’ve visited many times but this is the first time with a camera. There is a steep bank overlooking the mill which would make a great place to leave a pinhole camera for a three month long solargraph exposure. The mill and trees set against the track of the sun over that length of time would make quite an image. I will try it sometime! Shot with a Zero Image 612 pinhole camera.

© Simon Howlett 2012. All rights reserved

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