Pinhole Maryport

Fisherman’s hut

Maryport, a town established by the Romans, is a place I often visit. It became an important industrial centre in the 19th century and was named after Mary, the wife of Humphrey Senhouse, a landowner. Coal was exported from local mines and an iron foundry and shipyards operated successfully for many years. In the 1920s the town went into decline and its industrial heritage was lost.

Today it has a marina along with a number of fishing vessels that operate from the port. It’s also an important venue for blues music, hosting the annual Maryport Blues Festival with stars such as Chuck Berry, Dionne Warwick and Van Morrison having performed there.

The painter L. S. Lowry visited the town, which along with Maryport lighthouse is depicted in several of his paintings. He was friends with Sheila Fell, a British landscape painter who lived in Aspatria close by.

All images were made with a Zero 2000 pinhole camera.

Sailing vessel ‘Flower’

Capstan at lock gates with Maryport lighthouse in the distance

© Simon Howlett 2012. All rights reserved

8 thoughts on “Pinhole Maryport

    • Thank you Karen, your comments are really appreciated 🙂 I’ve made some platinum/palladium prints today from pinhole negatives. Will be printing more later this week after venturing out yesterday with pinhole cameras and plenty of film!

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