Pinhole photos from a day spent at Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland. Fortifications were constructed in the 16th century and the defensive ramparts still ring the town to this day. I made two complete circuits of the ramparts with a digital SLR and pinhole camera. One day is not enough to explore this remarkable town – it’s a place close to my heart and a location to which I will always return.

Rowing Club with Royal Tweed Bridge (1925) and Old Bridge (1610-1624) in the distance

Royal Border Bridge (1847)

© Simon Howlett 2012. All rights reserved

6 thoughts on “Berwick-upon-Tweed

  1. The top pinhole image titled ‘Ramparts’ is fantastic. Really like the way the sun is illuminating the tree and casting hard shadows across the lawn, couples perfectly with the old canon.

    • Thank you, Jeff 🙂 As soon as I came across this scene I felt it had a lot of pinhole potential. When there is plenty of contrast the pinhole camera comes out and I like to print the results as platinum prints.

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