Platinum / Palladium Prints

Sycamore Gap - Hadrian's Wall

Sycamore Gap – Hadrian’s Wall

Spent a number of hours printing the other day after the chemistry I’d ordered from Bostick & Sullivan arrived. Both of these are pinhole prints, which fortunately came out how I’d visualised them when making the shot. There was plenty of contrast at these locations which I think suits pinhole photography.



© Simon Howlett 2012. All rights reserved

16 thoughts on “Platinum / Palladium Prints

  1. Prints look great, I’ve previously commented on how much I like the bottom image. The top is quite nice too, with the tree isolated on top of ‘Hadrian’s Wall’. Its quite interesting how the sun flare and hill (?) rising up on the right edge of the image makes it feel like the whole scene is being swept away.

    • Thanks Jeff. Yes, it looks like a huge wave is about to engulf the tree or maybe the sun is going to draw the entire scene up into an inferno. Good job it didn’t or else a smouldering tripod would be all that was left!

  2. Great work. Making wet prints is the next step on my photographic journey – just waiting for a few bits for the darkroom. Hope my work looks as good as this!

  3. These prints are beautiful. My husband and a friend just made me a UV light box today. So as soon as my contact frame and chemicals arrive from B&S I will be ready to print at home.
    Question: are you making digital negatives on an Epson printer? That’s what I learned on but have a Canon printer at home and I hate to have to buy a new one.

  4. Greetings Simon,
    I love the effect of these prints, it gives you the feeling “Of bygone times” and to be able to do that is special. I like the way you document the life in a particular place, that is a gift indeed. Great work.

  5. By the way Simon, I really appreciate your feedback it is most informative and also displays insight. Perspective is so important, what I do is alter my position frequently and sometimes if I want to highlight a specifically striking feature I use a splash of colour in my black and white images. You can see this effect on my latest post, “Maison de Parlement”. Overall though I simply love Black and White Photography.

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