Framed Prints


Had an enjoyable time printing and framing some of my photos. These two are 10 x 15 inch inkjet prints in 16 x 20 inch frames. I have another six frames at this size so will be kept busy!

I’ve also made prints at 6 x 9 inch (platinum & inkjet) and 4 x 8 inch (platinum pinhole) to be mounted in 12 x 16 inch frames. It really is fun to work with the various print sizes and print processes.

Had problems with the Arches Platine paper I was using for the platinum prints. With a single coating the print came out speckled so had to resort to double coating the paper. As a result of this I will be trying new paper sourced from Ruscombe Paper Mill in France.

© Simon Howlett 2013. All rights reserved

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