Isle of Skye


Shot these photos during a two week visit to the Isle of Skye. The first photo was made at Sligachan looking towards the Black Cuillin. The second was shot from the west side of Loch Leathan with the Old Man of Storr in the distance. Battled with the wind and rain for most of my time there!


© Simon Howlett 2013. All rights reserved

18 thoughts on “Isle of Skye

    • Hi Karen, thank you 🙂 It was difficult weather to photograph in, but every now and then the sun made an appearance 🙂 The wind never really let up though, luckily my camera and tripod never got airborne on the cliffs I visited!

  1. These are beautiful Simon. The prominant peaks in the first one are Sgurr nan Gillean (Peak of the Young Men) and Am Basteir (The Executioner). I nearly was executed up there one time when I got caught in a terrific hail storm – the weather on Skye can be cruel to both mountaineers and photographers!

    • Thanks for the information on the peaks, John. I stayed on the lower slopes and was also caught in hail. Managed to take cover behind some large boulders and keep the camera dry! May venture up to the summits next time, but hoping not to get executed!

  2. Great images Simon, despite the weather. Don’t think i’ve ever been in Skye when it hasn’t rained. I was lucky once, when I captured “Coral Beach” when it stopped raining for about 1 hour.

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