Blencathra and Tewet Tarn


I’ve made it to the summit of Blencathra once. I avoided the notorious Sharp Edge, a spectacular ridge that is difficult to climb and can be treacherous. Hope to photograph it in the near future along with Scales Tarn and if I feel really brave will transit its slopes to the summit!

© Simon Howlett 2013. All rights reserved

6 thoughts on “Blencathra and Tewet Tarn

    • Thanks Jesús, much appreciated! The cloud formation that curves up to the top right of the frame is what caught my attention when out at this location.

  1. Tewet makes a great foreground there. Hoping to visit that soon as, when we did High Rigg a couple of months ago, we didn’t leave long enough on the parking ticket to visit Low Rigg and Tewet.

    You were right to avoid Sharp Edge – I honestly class it as dangerous. It’s polished and slippery even when dry and the rocks are slanting so the whole thing is pretty easy to drop off. More fatalities on that ridge than anywhere else in the Lakes!

    • Tewet Tarn is lovely to visit and there’s generally only a handful of people about. I’ve visited on a number of occasions hoping to photograph reflections in the tarn, but so far there’s always been a breeze. Will have to get up at dawn and maybe I’ll have more success. Will attempt Sharp Edge one day but like you I consider it dangerous.

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