Platinum Prints – Berwick at Night


A series of platinum/palladium prints from Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland; a place close to my heart. The photographs were shot with a digital SLR from which I made digital negatives. Printed on Bergger COT-320 paper; landscape/portrait prints are 5 x 8 inch, panoramic prints 4 x 8 inch and square format prints are 5 x 5 inch.

I’ve made larger prints but I like them at these sizes, especially when framed in a 12 x 16 inch or even a 16 x 20 inch frame. Platinum prints have great depth, beautiful tones and a presence that is hard to describe.


© Simon Howlett 2013. All rights reserved

11 thoughts on “Platinum Prints – Berwick at Night

    • Hi Karen, thanks 🙂
      I process and convert the photo to b&w in Lightroom. To make a digital negative I put the b&w image through Photoshop, applying a correction curve and then inverting and flipping the image horizontally. It’s then sharpened and resized for the print size. Once this is all done it’s printed using an inkjet printer on either Agfa CopyJet or Pictorico OHP film.

      The digital negative and platinum coated paper is then placed between two plates of glass to hold them in close contact and exposed under a bank of uv fluorescent tubes for 4 minutes. Developed, cleared and washed to complete the process.

      It took a lot of practice to get right but I’m pleased I stuck with it.

      • That sounds quite labour intensive. What great results though, and I appreciate knowing a bit about your process. Fascinating!

        I never occurred to me you could essentially print a negative on transparency paper with an inkjet printer, but why not?! Cool.

        Thanks, Simon. : )

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