Holy Island – Northumberland


The Pilgrims’ Way (marked by wooden posts) for those who wish to cross to Holy Island on foot. The structure on stilts is a refuge for anyone unfortunate enough to get caught out by the incoming tide.


Lindisfarne Castle dates from the 16th century and the lime kilns were built in the 1860s.


There are several of these fisherman’s huts on Holy Island.

© Simon Howlett 2013. All rights reserved

19 thoughts on “Holy Island – Northumberland

  1. Just came across your photographs after posting my own piece on walking to Holy island earlier this year .. across the causeway, not the sands, so I had no need of the refuge fortunately! Really like your work, and I will be sure to explore your website more over the coming days.

    • Thanks very much, John. Yes, Northumberland and Holy Island are well worth visiting. I do print my work and have displayed it locally and in Berlin during 2013/14. I produce archival pigment ink prints and platinum/palladium prints.

  2. Lovely stretching view Simon .. and I wouldn’t have been able to resist the fishermens’ huts either .. I’m sure we drove over there years and years ago , I didn’t realise there was a stilt refuge for those caught out by the tide ! Another place I’d like to visit again … it just feels SO far away 😉

    • Thank you 🙂 I’ve seen one or two photos where people have been caught by the tide. All they can do is watch from the refuge as their car fills with water or floats away! I hope you get to visit Holy Island again one day.

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