Caerlaverock Castle


Spent a number of hours at this fascinating location near Dumfries. I was pleased I had the opportunity to include the birds in the shot. Not sure whether I prefer the colour or black & white version …


© Simon Howlett 2014. All rights reserved

30 thoughts on “Caerlaverock Castle

      • Not at all!! [I guess that’s more British than the Am you’re welcome, right?]
        You know I enjoy your work a lot and I love to see the wonderful landscapes of your country. needless to say that I love your alternative processing with old methods!!
        Eventually I also appreciate your inputs!

      • Muchas gracias! Yes, ‘not at all’ is more British 🙂

        I’ve been away from the internet for a while so spending time catching up! Looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous photography.

  1. I like this series, a wonderful,y caught mood, I do like the colour image but feel the black and white is more striking.. I enjoy black and white photography and have always personally said maybe it’s because I see life in colour that It does not stand out. 🙂 great shoot!!

      • You could always convert to black and white then use a later mask to bring back certain places in colour? I think it’s fabulous though!

  2. Hi –
    I’m a historic fantasy romance author. My story takes place in Caerlaverock Castle. I would like to use the black and white photo on my facebook page. Please let me know if you’re agreeable. Full attribution will be given.

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