Platinum/Palladium Sea Stacks


I’ve put the bathroom to good use and made a few prints following my visit to Duncansby Head, Scotland.

Colour negative film converted to b&w in Lightroom. Digital negatives (8 x 8 inch) were processed in Photoshop and then printed on Agfa CopyJet film. The prints were made on Arches Platine paper.

Camera: Hasselblad 500C. Lens: Distagon 4/50. Daytime long exposure photos using a 10-stop ND filter and a 3-stop ND grad.



© Simon Howlett 2014. All rights reserved

15 thoughts on “Platinum/Palladium Sea Stacks

    • Cheers Christian 🙂 The whole process from capture to print was a lot of fun with this series. I feel happy making platinum prints but still have a lot to learn with cyanotypes!

      Made a couple of cyanotypes this week but still experimenting with curves and exposure times. Will be printing the images from Brora gas station which I think lend themselves well to the cyanotype process.

      If I get some decent results I’ll post them but if it doesn’t go too well I’ll need your expert advice! Will keep you informed of my progress! 🙂

    • Thanks for your lovely comment, Karen, it’s nice to hear from you.

      May try and bring a sea stack back with me next time, but on second thought it may be easier to take the bathtub to the stack! 🙂

  1. wow I love love love the photography and layout of your blog. I’m new to photography but would love to try pinhole photography once I get back from my trip in the New year

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