Stoer Head Lighthouse


Parked close to the lighthouse and then headed out on a two mile trek to The Old Man of Stoer sea stack. Shot the lighthouse from a couple of different points. This one is a 61 second exposure at f/13 using a 6-stop Little Stopper and 3-stop ND grad.

Returned to the car at night and found it surrounded by a herd of cows who were reluctant to move! As a parting gesture they kindly left a dent in one of the rear doors! 🙂

© Simon Howlett 2014. All rights reserved

29 thoughts on “Stoer Head Lighthouse

    • Thanks David.

      I use a 100mm 3-stop soft ND grad the vast majority of the time but will sometimes use a 2-stop. These are generally attached to a 24-70 lens although I have started using a 16-35 lens a little more often. When processing I generally add a vignette and darken the top and bottom of the image with a graduated filter in Lightroom.

  1. Very beautiful picture! And thank you for introducing me to ND. I am quite novice in photography so I am learning a lot reading your blog.

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