Clough Head, Blencathra & Great Mell Fell


From a recent walk starting at Dockray and taking in the fells Great Dodd and Clough Head (2 fells from the 214 Wainwright Fells in the Lake District I’ve challenged myself to complete). Here I was struck by the shadow cast by Clough Head as I made my way down to the old coach road.


In this photo Threlkeld nestles below the towering buttresses of Blencathra.


This is looking towards Great Mell Fell which is next on my list!

© Simon Howlett 2014. All rights reserved

14 thoughts on “Clough Head, Blencathra & Great Mell Fell

  1. These are lovely. Nice compositions and the capturing of the different lighting is one image is what makes it. Personally, I would have made the contrasts/sat slightly more to bring this out. Just my opinion

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Alan.

      I’m pleased you’ve commented on the light on Great Mell Fell … when walking past this scene it was something that really caught my eye too. The fell slowly lit up, contrasting nicely with the foreground cast in the shadow of Clough Head. Fortunately the light remained long enough so I had chance to capture a few photos.

  2. Great Mell Fell is actually a much less boring hill than everyone thinks – it has loads of those wind-blasted, wind-shaped trees creeping across the summit area which I found fascinating but didn’t have my camera with me unfortunately. I’ll be up there again!

    You’ve got Blencathra just right with the light across the southern ridges casting superb shadows and showing their shape so well.

    I’m making my friend Richard collect Wainwrights now and we’ve got Clough Head to do next year. I’m looking forward to revisiting it.

    • Yes, Great Mell Fell and Blencathra looked great lit up in the evening sun.

      I’ve nearly finished the Wainwright Eastern Fells and will be starting the Far Eastern Fells in 2015. It’s a lot of fun walking them.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and the comments, I appreciate it 🙂

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