Platinum/Palladium Print – Stacks of Duncansby


This platinum/palladium print is one of a series of images made at Duncansby Head with a 1968 Hasselblad 500C. The lens in the photo is a Sonnar 4/150 but the sea stack image was made using a Distagon 4/50. Planning to return and spend more time at this location and may visit Orkney to photograph The Old Man of Hoy and Yesnaby sea stacks.

A short video from George Eastman House which explains the platinum process can be viewed at:

© Simon Howlett 2015. All rights reserved

7 thoughts on “Platinum/Palladium Print – Stacks of Duncansby

  1. I am fascinated by the idea of making a platinum print Simon, so thanks for posting the link. I have never been a darkroom worker but this process really appeals to me. Something on my ever expanding wish list for another day!

    • Thanks Carol. I had a great time photographing the sea stacks. Looking forward to visiting Duncansby Head again. Would like to visit Anglesey so may head there first.

  2. Scan the 6×6 negative in to Lightroom and process. Then produce a negative from this in Photoshop and resize to required print size. Print negative on Pictorico OHP.

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