Vest Pocket Kodak – Tyne Bridge


Been checking out another 100 year old Vest Pocket Kodak I’ve recently bought. Wanted to make sure there were no light leaks and the camera was functional in preparation for photographing the Somme, Ypres and Arras landscape. Loaded with Efke 100 film I’m pleased to say the camera worked fine.

I have a number of walks planned for my visit to France and Belgium having done a lot of research regarding the Western Front. I’m also reading about war artists and their work, as well as studying photos from the First World War era. Hopefully this will prepare me for my trip which I’m very much looking forward to.


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11 thoughts on “Vest Pocket Kodak – Tyne Bridge

    • I’ve stocked up on film so will hopefully come back with a few ‘keepers’, Adrian. Bought a multi-reel developing tank as well to help speed up the processing once home.

  1. The camera performed well and should add to the feel of the images you will be taking, I look forward to seeing them. I have just got my hands on a 1930’s Kodak Jiffy Six-20 that seems to be in working order but will not know till I try it out. I purchased a roll of film from a place in Queensland and I just want to find the right location to use it. Have a good trip.

    • Have fun with the Kodak Jiffy Six-20, Barbara. Have you decided on a location where you will use it and was it difficult to get a roll of film? Will be great to see the photos.

      • Yes, I thought I would shoot in Strathalbyn, a small historic South Australian town not far from where I live and capture the old stone buildings with an old camera. As for film, it looked like I would have to purchase overseas in the USA until I found a place in Queensland. If the camera works ok I will buy a few rolls from overseas that were cheaper. Now all I have to do is remember how to load a film!!

  2. I’ve just been given a Vest Pocket Autographic 127 in good condition and still with it’s stylus. It has a film loaded, of unkown vintage, which I’m looking forward to stand developing in Rodinal then trying it out with a new film.

    • Will be very interesting to see the developed film, hope to see the results posted on your blog. Have fun with the VPK, they’re great cameras to work with. Where do you source film for the VPK?

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