Waterloo – Hougoumont


I’ve recently returned from a 2 week trip to France and Belgium. Spent a day at Waterloo exploring the battlefield. The photos show the original crucifix and chapel that survived the fire which engulfed Hougoumont Chateau during the battle. The famous north gate can be seen through the chapel door; the scene of intense fighting as the French attempted to force their way in.


© Simon Howlett 2015. All rights reserved

9 thoughts on “Waterloo – Hougoumont

    • Cheers Adrian. I had a great day visiting Hougoumont and the surrounding battlefield. Would have liked at least 2 more days there but ran out of time. Will definitely head out that way again. I didn’t realise Hougoumont was open to the public until I got there, so it was a nice surprise to have a good look.

    • Thanks Randall. It was a great experience. Was hoping to visit a couple of Waterloo museums in the area but ran out of time after visiting Hougoumont, La Haye Sainte and the battlefield. Would like to spend a lot more time photographing the landscape, so will definitely visit again!

      • I think the battlefield must have been pretty intense (and beautiful). Look forward to those future shots ~ seeing a part of history through your posts.

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