Housesteads Roman Fort & Milecastle 42


Hadrian’s Wall from Housesteads Fort

Housesteads is a magnificent fort which I’ve visited many times but rarely photographed. I wasn’t sure the clear skies would work well in the photos but after processing the images I think it provides good contrast with the detail of the stonework. Will continue to visit these sites on a regular basis … making sure I have a camera with me!


Housesteads Roman Fort


Milecastle 42

© Simon Howlett 2015. Allrights reserved.

9 thoughts on “Housesteads Roman Fort & Milecastle 42

    • Thank you, Karen! I haven’t always appreciated clear blue skies when I’m out with a camera, but in future will head out to Hadrian’s Wall if they’re forecast. Every clear blue sky has a silver lining! 😉

    • More digital work, Carol. I’ve been out with a film camera but haven’t got round to developing the film yet. Planning to print a few platinum/palladium prints too. The chemistry I have is getting a little old so need to test it out to see if it’s still OK.

      • yeah I know all about dubious chemicals – the print quality varies hugely when you have them commercially processed nowadays and I think it’s because so few people are doing and so the chemicals are getting old

    • Thanks for taking a look and commenting, Barbara. Not much blue sky here in Cumbria recently, so haven’t had the chance to visit Hadrian’s Wall again. I’m hoping the relentless rain will ease off.

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