Keswick to Penrith Railway


I would like to thank everyone for their support in 2015, I really appreciate it. Look forward to seeing many more of your blogs in 2016. Wishing you a Peaceful and Happy New Year.

This old railway is a public footpath and is a lovely walk following the course of the River Greta. Following the recent floods a guy from CKP Railways was surveying the damage while I was taking these photos. He seemed optimistic the damaged bridges will be reinstated, which is great news. If you’re in the area I thoroughly recommend this walk … it’s a gem.


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11 thoughts on “Keswick to Penrith Railway

  1. Amazing photo, perfect SSpeed, love the conversion and yea..hope the bridge is back into action soon….hopping across on stones does not seem to be an option..not at the moment anyway.

    • May give hopping across on stones a miss. I fell into a shallow river once which was a bit of a shock but managed to keep the camera dry 🙂 Fortunately no one was around to have a good laugh at my antics!

  2. It was sad to see that bridge mangled and washed away. I personally didn’t enjoy my hobble along the old railway line as I felt I was shut away from the views of the mountains etc (I had my broken big toe at the time). I’m really hoping they’ll re-instate the Keswick-Penrith railway line – I have a few thousand-worth of shares in the company trying to re-instate it.

    • In my mind the walk is not really about mountains etc. it’s much more about enjoying the views of the river and surrounding woodland.

      Will it ever go back to being a railway? Considering CKP Railways formed in 1998 they’re certainly taking their time about it. From what I’ve seen of the significant damage to the line and surrounding area your investment is looking a little precarious.

      I personally hope the railway is not reinstated and the current walk remains as it is. Trains clattering about would spoil the tranquility, especially as they plan to operate at least an hourly service from early morning to late at night.

      • I’d like to see a lot less cars in the Lakes – if there was a train to North Lakes, mine would be one less that’s for sure. I hate having to drive anywhere and would much rather take public transport – I always feel guilty driving around. I think cars spoil the tranquility most, especially on a wet road – nothing noisier than that. They also spoil the air quality. Often, when we’re staying near Keswick, we leave the car where it is and take the buses around to get to our walks.

        CKP have been doing their best but they’re up against people like Eden council who are very obstructive – even to the point of giving planning permission for new builds to cut across the track bed.

        My investment is doing fine though – 4% interest over all those years since 1998 – far better than the 0.something percent most firms are offering for investments.

      • The impact and noise pollution the railway will have on local residents will be significant.

        It is a popular walk much loved by locals who regularly walk it. I, with a lot of other people would be very sad to see it disappear.

        I’m not debating the merits of car versus train or green issues, I’m simply saying the railway will spoil the tranquility of this particular walk.

        Your investment may well have achieved 4% historically, but the recent significant damage to the line and surrounding area will have an impact.

        If you feel that strongly about cars why don’t you stop visiting the Lakes and wait until you can get the train in?

      • Because the walking where I live it just too boring. I have to drive up to Scotland regularly too as I wouldn’t be able to get to the hills without the car. But if i can use public transport for a walk or a trip, I choose that option first.

        Many of the Keswick area locals are in favour of the line being re-instated…

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