Greta Bank and Blencathra


Plenty of snow last week so spent a number of days peering across at Blencathra from Threlkeld quarry along with a brief visit to Greta Bank. Spotted this particular tree some months ago and promised myself I would revisit as soon as it snowed.


© Simon Howlett 2016. All rights reserved

18 thoughts on “Greta Bank and Blencathra

  1. That’s a majestic tree – I can see why you marked it for a re-visit. And Blencathra is such an under-rated mountain and one I am ashamed to say I have never climbed – a superb image of it, SImon.

    • Thank you, John. I’m hoping for more snow but in the last few days it’s done nothing but rain, so stuck indoors. Still, will get to practice guitar instead and perhaps process a few photos!

    • Thank you Carol, they’re digi. I take the photos in colour then process them in Lightroom. Adjust contrast and clarity first, then convert to b&w. I often use the graduated filter tool to darken the top and bottom of an image as well as adding a vignette. No vignette added to these 2 images though. Lightroom is great to work with, Silver Efex Pro is very good too.

      Next post will be an image made with a film camera following a visit to Newcastle. Planning to photograph concert halls the Beatles performed in with a 1960s Hasselblad 500. Hoping to post these in the near future.

    • I was fortunate everything seemed to fall into place when I revisited. There’s been plenty of times when that’s not been the case though, but as you say it’s best to keep returning. Thanks for taking a look, Otto.

  2. You were wise to wait for the snow to capture this piece of magic at Greta Banks ~ an incredible tree by itself, but under this light blanket of snow along with the scenery makes it a brilliant shot. Beautiful Simon, wish you a great move into spring.

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