Britannia Bridge – Menai Strait


I’d walked past this spot earlier when heading out to the Menai Suspension Bridge but didn’t spot the potential the scene had. When walking back to Britannia Bridge I came upon this reflection which soon stopped me in my tracks. I was also drawn to the trees framing the scene.

Occasionally a light breeze blew across the water so I had to be patient. At one point two ducks landed right in the middle of the pool of water and the reflection was gone … a little more patience was required!


© Simon Howlett 2016. All rights reserved

21 thoughts on “Britannia Bridge – Menai Strait

  1. Beautiful, both of them and well processed too. I think my favourite is the more conventional one framed by the vegetation and the wonderful reflection.Yes, ducks or any other waterfowl are the death of reflections!!

  2. A very nice black & white image with a soft, dreamy feel to it and a good reflection, although a couple of frolicking ducks would of looked good too……..In the second image I wondered what the winch and the small column was used for?

    • Thanks Barbara. You’re right, I should have taken a couple of shots with the ducks included. I’ve tried to find out what the winch was used for but haven’t had much success.

  3. That first one’s a stunner – I love the light on it.

    You’ll find this funny… I just went on a trip to some old mines up on the moor as I’d loaded a black and white film in my camera (so I thought) and thought the subject matter would be good in black and white. It was a film I’d had in my cupboard for a while. After a long walk choosing shots I thought would look good in black and white more than in colour, I finished my walk and my film and unloaded it. I took it down to the processors and he looked at is and said;
    “But this is a colour film”! On my walk back I remembered it was – I’d actually bought the unusual film because it was 100ASA and you can’t buy that much nowadays. I’m sure I have a black and white somewhere…

    • Thanks Carol.

      Your mix-up with the film made me chuckle. It’s easily done, my favourite is to load a film, shoot a few frames, then weeks later forget what film it is. I still forget to wind the film on from time to time as well 🙂 I hope you find the elusive black and white. How did the colour shots turn out?

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