South Stack – Anglesey


South Stack is a truly spectacular location which I explored on a number of occasions during a 2 week visit to Anglesey. There are over 400 steps down to the footbridge in the first photo – a challenge first thing in the morning. The lighthouse was constructed in 1809.

A member of the crow family, the chough, is resident on these cliffs. Very pleased I got to see them as they are rare – approximately 400 pairs in Great Britain.


© Simon Howlett 2016. All rights reserved

16 thoughts on “South Stack – Anglesey

    • Thanks Paula – had a great time visiting Anglesey. Enjoyed visiting the standing stones and ancient burial chambers, will definitely return. Visiting Liverpool and the Wirral shortly to continue photographing Beatles live venues.

  1. Such a lovely composition with the soft waving grasses and long exposure a wonderful foil to the craggy coastline Simon ! The light was appalling when we visited here , I remember we parked and I just took a couple of photos from the top looking down around the stairs , would like to return for another go 🙂

    • I struggled to photograph the lighthouse, tried at the stairs but it didn’t work out. I’m hoping to return too and have another go. Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comments.

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