The f/D Book of Pinhole


I’m very pleased to say that my pinhole photo at the bottom of this post has been selected for publication in The f/D Book of Pinhole.

Kier Selinsky launched the pinhole photography blog f/D in April 2015. Kier is editor and Libby Selinsky is associate editor. It’s an excellent blog and can be found here: f/D Exploring the Art of Pinhole Photography

They have selected 99 pinhole photos to be published. The photo above is from the book’s Kickstarter page. More information can be found here: The f/D Book of Pinhole



17 thoughts on “The f/D Book of Pinhole

  1. Congratulations Simon . The blog link was rather fascinating, more to Pinhole than I knew about which to be honest is zilch :/ Enjoying very much looking through your blog here too 🙂

    • Cheers Andy. Kier and Libby have done a great job with the blog. I’ve not been out with a pinhole camera recently but plan to photograph the River Eden and its bridges with a Zero Image 612 in the near future.

  2. Congratulations and well done – I’m pretty envious but I suppose I can’t really claim to be a serious photographer as such. Didn’t make it up to Carlisle last week as we were busy in the unexpectedly-snowy hills – over 1 foot of snow on Dale Head in November!!

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