Platinum/Palladium Prints


An ongoing series of platinum/palladium prints (5.5 inch x 8.25 inch) photographed in Maryport, Cumbria. Above is Sincerity, below is the  Stjernen, Our James and Balcary.

Shot with a digital SLR and processed/converted to B&W in Lightroom. The negatives were processed in Photoshop and printed on Pictorico transparency film. The platinum/palladium prints were made on Bergger COT-320 paper.

The contact print process and the remarkable moment when the print appears can be seen to great effect in this video by Paul Cunningham: Platinum Print Process


© Simon Howlett 2017. All rights reserved

13 thoughts on “Platinum/Palladium Prints

  1. These are beautiful.
    I’m attending a platinum printing refresher course next week. My UV light box is made. My paper is waiting. Excited to get started doing platinum and salt paper.

    • Thank you Gretchen 🙂 Enjoy the refresher course next week. Pleased to hear your UV light box is ready to go – looking forward to seeing your prints. I hope all is going well with your Wista 4×5 camera?

  2. It has been very interesting following your use of different cameras and printing, I really liked the Berwick at night set the toning was great, I think they would look even better on paper as online has its limits unfortunately.

    • Thank you Barbara, I really appreciate your interest in my work. You’re right, a platinum print is best viewed in person, a copy online doesn’t do it justice. I think photographs have much more presence when framed and exhibited.

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