Fletcher Christian – Ewanrigg Hall


The family of HMS Bounty mutineer, Fletcher Christian, owned Ewanrigg Hall in Maryport. A grade II listed building, it has been derelict for many years. Two storeys from the centre of the original building no longer remain. In the last photo an entrance to a tunnel can be seen on the side of the main building at ground level, which provided access from the hall down to Maryport.

I’m also planning to photograph Moorland Close Farm where Fletcher Christian was born. These locations are close to home, but despite having had a lifelong fascination with the Bounty story, I’ve only recently started to visit them.




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14 thoughts on “Fletcher Christian – Ewanrigg Hall

    • I was tempted to have a look but it’s well boarded up! Met a local who said he’d explored the tunnel when he was a kid. Said it was blocked up about halfway down to Maryport. Thanks Paula.

    • Yes it’s a sad sight, especially as it was such a magnificent building many years ago. There are plans to convert the hall into two houses and four flats. I believe work started a couple of days after my visit. Thanks for the comment 🙂

    • There’s been 200 years of the goodie/baddie debate but in recent years I think the families involved have finally laid their feud to rest. No access to the tunnel these days but it would be quite an adventure to explore it.

      • Good idea Carol. Would be great to follow in Fletcher Christian’s footsteps, but I would prefer not to get involved in a mutiny! During my time at sea the subject was discussed, especially if a captain was not popular! Ewanrigg Hall is being converted into two houses and four flats but I don’t know what plans they have for the tunnel.

  1. Simon, these are wonderful and I am so glad you are doing them. It is amazing how things close to home often get neglected.
    Although it makes no sense, but since my first name is Christian I have always been strongly drawn to the story of the mutiny and that of Fletcher Christian also!

    • Thanks Christian. I’m spending much more time locally these days and have enjoyed reading various accounts about Fletcher Christian’s time in Cumbria. I keep adding to the list of places he’s associated with here, so there’s plenty to photograph! Watched a video on youtube of people diving on the site of the Bounty at Pitcairn. Would love to visit the island but it’s a bit of a trek! You having the same name as him is a great way of connecting with the story of the mutiny.

  2. Thanks Simon for the interesting images that are the beginnings of the story that everyone knows and its connection to Australia. Of course the scandals haven’t stopped on Pitcairn and seeing as they all bar one murdered each other its no wonder!

    • Pitcairn has certainly had more than its fair share of trouble over the years! Finally got to visit Moorland Close Farm where Fletcher Christian was born. A beautiful white foal was in an adjacent field, it was very curious while I was taking photos. Managed to include it in the pictures of the farm, which made my day 🙂 Thanks for the visit Barbara 🙂

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