Birthplace of a Mutineer


Moorland Close Farm, the birthplace of Fletcher Christian and St. Bridgets church where he was christened.

A bootprint, initialed FC, in the lead flashing of the summer house pictured above, is reputed to be that of Fletcher Christian. Mel Gibson visited the farm in the 1980s when making ‘The Bounty’. I believe he clambered up on to the summer house to take a look at the bootprint.

The white foal in the first photo kept a curious eye on me at all times. A pleasure to see … it made my day.



© Simon Howlett 2017. All rights reserved

13 thoughts on “Birthplace of a Mutineer

  1. Great shots Simon and I really like the church image with its depth, looks like a longer exposure. I see you mentioned the white foal but not the cow, but then again I remember that you had an experience with cows and your car!!!

    • I was photographing the sea stack at Stoer Head and left it a bit late so it was pitch black walking back to the car. Consequently, I ended up walking full tilt into a black cow on the coastal path which gave me a bit of a fright! To cap it all off a large number of other cows had welcomed my car into the herd – at the car park I was presented with a tiny Peugeot 107 surrounded by cows! Managed to shoo them off but one of the cows left a nice dent in the car to remind me of the experience 🙂

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