Farleton Knott – Pinhole Photos


Had a lovely day visiting this amazing location with Visual Artist Debbie Yare  www.debbieyare.com

Some of the best preserved limestone pavements in Britain can be seen at Farleton Knott and its neighbour Hutton Roof Crags. Both locations have been designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

I felt a pinhole camera might lend itself well to photographing the limestone pavement and trees at Farleton Knott. Been a while since I last used one so ended up trashing a roll of film when attempting to load it!

Zero Image 612 pinhole camera and Kodak T-Max 100 film. Because of issues with T-Max 100 frame numbers being exposed on negatives I’ve recently decided to switch to Ilford Delta and FP4. This was my last roll of Kodak.


© Simon Howlett 2017. All rights reserved

21 thoughts on “Farleton Knott – Pinhole Photos

    • Thank you Otto. I’m really looking forward to seeing how things go at the next location I visit with a pinhole camera. This time it will be the Norber erratics where I hope to get similar results.

    • Thanks Denise. I’m hoping to venture out with the pinhole camera again once I’ve processed the five rolls of exposed film that are on my ‘to do’ list! One roll is pinhole, the other four from a medium format panoramic camera which I’ve been photographing Carlisle with.

  1. Hi i come across your work while googling pinholes in the Lakes some excellent work you have produced , i have shot Farlton knot and the Norber erratics with my digital camera both areas would make excellent points of interest for pinhole work .

    • Thanks Stephen. Two great locations. I’ve still not got round to visiting the Norber erratics with a pinhole camera but hope to in the near future. Been busy photographing Carlisle with a panoramic film camera.

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