Skiddaw & Blencathra Reflections


The fells Skiddaw and Blencathra reflected in Derwent Water from Manesty in the first photo and Tewet Tarn in the second. I’ve visited these locations many times over the years in all sorts of weather conditions. On these two dawn visits it was a pleasure to experience the tranquil surroundings, the only sound at Manesty being geese in flight over the lake. The cow coming to the tarn for water on the right of the photo below was a real bonus – serendipity and choreography combined for a few fleeting minutes!


© Simon Howlett 2017. All rights reserved

14 thoughts on “Skiddaw & Blencathra Reflections

    • Thank you Carol. I was surprised at how mirror-like the water was, particularly at Tewet Tarn. Ophelia currently passing through; last night the lights went out for a short while!

    • Thank you Otto. Repeated visits to these locations finally paid off with very calm conditions lasting a couple of hours on each occasion. Skiddaw and Blencathra are two very iconic and popular fells; challenging but a lot of fun to photograph.

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