BRRR! Winter Trees at Walltown Crags


Last week I visited a number of sites along Hadrian’s Wall, Walltown Crags being a particular favourite. Pretty much had the place to myself, meeting only one other person out in the landscape.

Looking very much like Ents from Lord of the Rings, the trees in the photo below have a fluidity and motion about them, in my mind they almost seem to be dancing with one another.



The last two photographs are located on the drive out from Carlisle. There’s a lay-by opposite with a short walk up to the copse. Surprisingly, no one had paid these trees a visit, my footprints being the only ones left in the snow.



© Simon Howlett 2018. All rights reserved

29 thoughts on “BRRR! Winter Trees at Walltown Crags

    • Hi Jane, thank you very much. I’ve always had it in mind to photograph these trees during the winter. Walltown Crags is a place I visit regularly, promising myself to return as soon as the snow made an appearance this year. I was surprised to see only one other person out with a camera. Really enjoyed walking the wall in these conditions.

  1. Superb! I love winter trees and I love when they’re just in a bleak, black and white landscape like that. You really get to see the interesting shapes of the trees in winter – far more interesting than in summer when it’s mainly about the colour of the foliage.

    • Thanks Barbara. The two dancing trees were very prominent. Photographed them from a number of different angles but this photo seemed to work best. It was pretty cold out so spent most of the next day hugging a radiator!

  2. Maybe not so surprising if it was so cold… But you photos only goes to show that being willing to face other cold or challenging weather can be very rewarding. These are eminent photos. And, yes, I agree some of these trees does look like the Ents.

    • Thank you very much Otto. I’ve been meaning to visit these trees in snow for some time and in my mind’s eye this is how they looked. I’ve photographed Walltown Crags over a number of years but this is the first occasion I’ve come away and felt pleased with the results.

  3. Crisp and cold shots ~ stunning, and very happy to have winter in the rearview mirror. Although I do think some of the best shots are those where we undergo the most discomfort, and winter has plenty of that to go around.

    • Thank you very much Randall. I had plenty of layers on so managed to keep fairly warm. Had a problem with the car sliding around on ice at one point. The local farmer was out and about so there was someone available to pull me out of the ditch if it all went horribly wrong 🙂

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