LS Lowry


Visited a number of LS Lowry locations recently. Some are very close to home as Lowry frequently visited the Lakes with his good friend Sheila Fell, a local artist. These two photos are from the Manchester area. He made several paintings and drawings of St Augustine’s Church, Pendlebury. One of the paintings can be seen here: St Augustine’s Church


In 1942 Lowry was appointed a war artist. He produced a painting of Mather and Platt Park Works, part of which was laid out as a gun factory during the Second World War. A fascinating place to explore, a security guard kept a close eye on me while I was having a look round. Fortunately I wasn’t asked to move on. The painting can be seen here: Going to Work

Information regarding Lowry locations in the Manchester area can be found in the excellent book ‘Lowry’s City’ (Judith Sandling and Mike Leber – Lowry Press). One of my favourite books, a used copy costs only a few pounds. More information can be found here: Lowry’s City

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10 thoughts on “LS Lowry

    • Thanks Paula. I’ve made a long list of Lowry locations to visit – he certainly clocked up some miles. The Lowry Trail in Berwick-upon-Tweed is one of my favourites. A lovely town.

    • Thanks Denise. Both images split toned in Lightroom. Some of the Mather and Platt works has been demolished since Lowry was there but fortunately there’s still some of it left to have a look at 🙂

    • Thank you very much Otto. I originally shot the photo in landscape format but cropped it to portrait. While there, the cracks in the tarmac looked unsightly but in monochrome I think they are more appealing.

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