Farleton Knott – Pinhole Photos


Had a lovely day visiting this amazing location with Visual Artist Debbie Yare  www.debbieyare.com

Some of the best preserved limestone pavements in Britain can be seen at Farleton Knott and its neighbour Hutton Roof Crags. Both locations have been designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

I felt a pinhole camera might lend itself well to photographing the limestone pavement and trees at Farleton Knott. Been a while since I last used one so ended up trashing a roll of film when attempting to load it!

Zero Image 612 pinhole camera and Kodak T-Max 100 film. Because of issues with T-Max 100 frame numbers being exposed on negatives I’ve recently decided to switch to Ilford Delta and FP4. This was my last roll of Kodak.


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The f/D Book of Pinhole


I’m very pleased to say that my pinhole photo at the bottom of this post has been selected for publication in The f/D Book of Pinhole.

Kier Selinsky launched the pinhole photography blog f/D in April 2015. Kier is editor and Libby Selinsky is associate editor. It’s an excellent blog and can be found here: f/D Exploring the Art of Pinhole Photography

They have selected 99 pinhole photos to be published. The photo above is from the book’s Kickstarter page. More information can be found here: The f/D Book of Pinhole



Pinhole Selfie


Thought I would join in with the growing trend for selfies with a pinhole version. Zero Image 612 pinhole camera, 8 minute exposure. Taken in my hotel room during a visit to Halifax, Yorkshire. Managed to keep still for 8 minutes without nodding off! I can recommend the book on the desk from Phaidon … well worth reading 🙂

© Simon Howlett 2015. All rights reserved

Book Publication


I’m pleased to announce my pinhole photo ‘Walltown Crags’ has been published in a book titled ‘Obscura – 121 Views’.

Published by Revolver Publishing it is available at: http://www.beyondwords.co.uk/p/1828/obscura-121-views and http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/395763041X

Publisher’s Description:

“OBSCURA – 121 views” reflects the diverse spectrum of modern pinhole photography! 11 poetically named chapters serve as an echo chamber for associations and interpretations. Photographers from the worldwide photo community were invited to use the chapters’ headlines as inspiration for contributing their very subjective views on each topic, to experiment with the possibilities of the pinhole camera to create a different kind of reality. An international jury picked out the best photographs from more than 3.000 submissions. Out of these photographs, an extraordinary photo book was created, telling many small but very personal visual stories.

Bridges on the Tyne – Pinhole

All photos made with a Zero Image 612 pinhole camera.

newcastle272-2The Tyne Bridge was opened in October 1928.

newcastle269-2-EditAnother view of the Tyne Bridge.

newcastle271-2-EditThe High Level Bridge was opened in September 1849. It has two decks – a rail line on the upper and a road on the lower.

newcastle270-2Work started on the Gateshead Millennium Bridge in 1999 and cost a staggering £22 million!

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Brough Castle – Pinhole


Ventured out with a Zero Image 612 pinhole camera and here are the results. A castle I often pass but I’ve never photographed. The distortion in the lower shot makes it look as if the castle is about to slide down the slope and disappear from view! The lighting was harsh but I like the strong contrast produced.

The Ash tree is currently a public artwork titled ‘The Lost Tree’. It forms part of the Eden Arts Canopy Exhibition which runs until 29 September 2013. More information can be found at: www.canopyart.co.uk


© Simon Howlett 2013. All rights reserved

Prints for Exhibition


A selection of digital, pinhole and platinum prints I’ve been getting ready in preparation for a joint exhibition to be held the last two weeks of August 2013 at the Allhallows Centre in Fletchertown, Cumbria. If you’re in the area and can attend I’d really appreciate it. Details of the venue can be found at: http://www.allhallowscentre.org.uk

On another note, there seems to be a problem when I comment on other WordPress sites. My comment disappears when I hit the ‘post comment’ button so is possibly being regarded as spam. I’ve been in touch with WordPress who say there’s a temporary problem. Please let me know if you find a comment from me that’s been flagged up as spam. Thanks 🙂

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Platinum and Inkjet Prints


Working towards holding a joint exhibition this year so continuing to print, mount and frame some of my work. The table the prints are on belonged to my grandparents – wish they were still here to see this.

From top to bottom:

Three pinhole inkjet prints (4 x 8 inch) from Berwick-upon-Tweed and Sycamore Gap, Hadrian’s Wall.

Two platinum/palladium prints (5 x 8 inch) from Whitehaven and Buttermere in Cumbria.

© Simon Howlett 2013. All rights reserved

Pinhole Platinum Prints and Negatives



This series was shot in Tenby, Pembrokeshire – it’s been some time since I visited. The photos were captured using a Zero Image 612 pinhole camera.



The old lifeboat station in the foreground is now someone’s home – a magnificent place to live! Each print measures 4 x 8 inches and is printed on Arches Platine paper.



I particularly like the partial reflections in the wet sand of the columns supporting the lifeboat station.

Printed using the 19th century platinum contact printing process with digital negatives processed in Photoshop – combining old with new!

© Simon Howlett 2013. All rights reserved