Milecastle 39 & Sycamore Gap


More photos from Hadrian’s Wall in winter. Milecastle 39 and Sycamore Gap are visited by large numbers of people but on this particular day there was only a handful of us out walking. Hadrian’s Wall has an abundance of incredible locations that are well worth visiting. The landscape it occupies never fails to take my breath away.


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18 thoughts on “Milecastle 39 & Sycamore Gap

    • Thanks Barbara. One of 80 Roman garrisons along Hadrian’s Wall. They each guarded a gateway through the wall with 20–30 soldiers housed in two barrack blocks. A pretty bleak place for a Roman soldier to be stationed, I bet they wished they’d been sent to a sunnier part of the Roman Empire.

  1. Your photos whet my appetite for the wall! My husband and I are walking the entire wall from east to west in September…though we may start at the outskirts of Newcastle. Will we miss anything really terrific if we do? What are your favourite sections of the wall? Clearly you know it well.

    • The outskirts of Newcastle is a good place to start Linda. Highlights along the wall from east to west include Chesters Fort, Limestone Corner (where there is still evidence of Romans attempting to split and quarry large rock), Temple of Mithras, Housesteads Fort, Vindolanda Fort, Sycamore Gap, Cawfields, Walltown Crags and the Roman Army Museum. One of the most impressive sections to explore is Housesteads through to Walltown Crags. Enjoy the walk with your husband in September 🙂

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