Eden Valley Artistic Network Exhibitions


Eden Valley Artistic Network (EVAN), which I’ve recently joined, is a group of artists and photographers based in the Lake District and Eden Valley.

Pictured, are two of my photographs to be included in the EVAN Remembered Exhibition, 11th November – 17th November, commemorating the Armistice Day Centenary. The photographs were made with a 100-year-old Vest Pocket Kodak camera and depict Crucifix Corner and Mouquet Farm on the Somme battlefield. Some of my Lake District photos have also been included in the Autumn Open Exhibition, 18th October – 9th November.

Both will be held at the EVAN Gallery, 4 Corney Place, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7PX. Showcasing a wide range of work from local artists the gallery and studios are open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am – 4pm.

For more information about the group’s artists and future events please click on this link: Eden Valley Artistic Network

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15 thoughts on “Eden Valley Artistic Network Exhibitions

  1. That reminds me (you using old cameras)… my Dad’s just digging his old cameras. He’s found his old concertina-type fold-up one and somewhere, he has a Box Brownie. Do you know of anyone who might be interested in them (for a fee or otherwise) as I don’t really want them to be thrown out. Needless to say, at 90, and immobile, he’s not going to be using them again sadly 😦

    • Thanks Barbara. 50 artists have their work on permanent display at the gallery and EVAN has 150 members. I’m pleased I joined the group, it’s great to see such a wide range of artwork and meet up with the people who created it.

    • Thank you Denise. I agree, it’s a lot of fun working from capture through to the final framed print. In this age of computers I think a framed print still has an incredible prescence. Some of these photos featured in a photography magazine back in 2016 but this is the first time they’ll be seen in a gallery setting.

    • Thank you Otto, I’m pleased to say the exhibition was well attended and a success. I really enjoyed working with the Vest Pocket Kodaks, although occasionally there were some issues with light leaks. One of the VPK cameras I have has two regimental numbers scratched into its casing. I did some research and discovered the numbers were issued to two soldiers who both served on the Western Front, so the camera may well have witnessed front line action.

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