Winter Clouds Reflected in Derwentwater – Christmas Day 2019


I’ve not been actively engaged with photography in recent months, especially during the coronavirus lockdown. However, I have spent time looking through photos I made in December 2019.

This one is from a walk I completed on Christmas Day. The photo was made from Catbells, the final summit of the Newlands Horseshoe. A 12 mile walk and 3900 ft of ascent, visiting the summits of Robinson, Hindscarth, Dale Head, High Spy, Maiden Moor and Catbells. It was a truly spectacular day, one of the best walks I’ve done.

© Simon Howlett 2020. All rights reserved

9 thoughts on “Winter Clouds Reflected in Derwentwater – Christmas Day 2019

  1. Very beautiful – winter does seem to provide nicer photos with the clearer air and all that. I find evenings are great too – I should take my camera to work more often for my after-work walks…

    • It was a stunning day, winter is my favourite time of year to head out with a camera. Keswick is a lovely spot to go for an after-work walk, looks like things have picked up in town when I was there last week.

      • It’s massively busy in Keswick post ‘lockdown’. I’m finding it hard to park as all the tourists are cheapskating and parking in the free parking out of town which means us poorly-paid shopworkers are struggling to park! 😦

      • £3 for a whole day and the proceeds to the Football Club wouldn’t put me off if I was visiting somewhere. Visitors should pay – more local people shouldn’t have to!

    • Derwentwater was in view for the last section of my walk, the view got better and better as I neared Catbells. Very nearly did not photograph the lake from this point. I was tired and felt like heading back to the car but pleased I stayed longer – the evening light was wonderful.

  2. What a beautiful scene … I love the spots of light and color. Do you think you will be getting out to shoot soon? Going out with my camera is the only thing keeping me sane! I pass people in the car or might see someone in the distance but never have to share a spot with anyone. I always need new images to work on.

    • I’ve recently been heading out with a camera again. There was no access to the Lake District fells during lockdown so I spent some time making a few still life photos. Will be spending two weeks in Scotland later this year which I’m very much looking forward to. Staying at Thurso for a week and then Ullapool where I’ll be photographing lighthouses and mountains 🙂 Pleased to hear you’re still venturing out with your camera during these difficult times.

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