True Love!


I’m not an advocate of carving names or initials into tree trunks but I often document them. I initially read the first as USA but I think it is in fact LISA. These four examples are from the Lake District.

Each is a 6 x 9 inch platinum/palladium print made using the 19th century platinum printing process. Shot with a digital SLR each image was processed in photoshop to produce a negative which was then printed on Pictorico OHP transparency film. The final prints were made on Bergger COT-320 paper.




© Simon Howlett 2019. All rights reserved

14 thoughts on “True Love!

    • I agree Paula. With the history of graffiti going back thousands of years I think someone leaving a trace of their presence is a remarkable gift to all of us who follow.

      I particularly liked the examples I came across when visiting tunnels on the Western Front a few years ago as well as the traces left by people who lived along Hadrian’s Wall.

  1. Interesting idea for a photo study – I bet most of those were smooth-barked beeches! I think the only time I’ve done that was in the sand in the desert when I was in love with a Beduin!

  2. I don’t care for the practice either. But as you have shown they can make very interesting subjects. I love your collection! We get a lot of carving on aspen trees here, by tourists I assume. Sometimes I don’t mind the carvings being in my scene and sometimes I do.

  3. I agree with others that it’s a strange practice to deface trees – and other things- although I am fascinated by this, street art and graffiti. You’ve made some beautiful images of them, Simon, and it’s a great idea for a project. Thanks for following me, too. 🙂

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